SH6001E - Human resources management in airports

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SH6001E - Human resources management in airports


General objective:

After completing this module, the student will be able to :
• apply current trends of Human Resource Management (HRM) and the airports environment specificities from the point of view of the Manager and the candidate,
• adapt the leader and manager’s role as well as the main keys for successful team management activities (effective communication, motivation, decision making, conflicts resolution, team building) to an airport cross cultural environment

Detailed objectives:

After completing this module, the student will be able to :
• identify the different career prospects on an airport,
• use methods of effective people management (recruitment and selection, performance evaluation, talent management),
• explain the relation between “Social actors” and their impact on Air Transport System,
• prepare oneself to the process of integration in professional life according to geographical and cultural variations,
• apply the manager’s qualities expected from team members
• communicate in an adapted manner to manage people in an efficient way,
• to adopt the required management style taking into account the expectations of the future team members having a different culture,
• explain the business culture of others (EU, USA, Asia, Africa),
• solve communication misunderstanding, manage conflicts as well as create team building situations in a cross-cultural context.

Position in the programme

Early January


  • Lecture : 30h

Form of assessment

Total assessment hours: 3

In brief

ECTS credits : cf Teaching Unit

Number of hours 33


Vincent VIMARD

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