AT6004E - ATM sustainable development

AT6004E - ATM sustainable development


General objective:

At the end of this module, the applicant will be able to:
- Take in charge the tasks related to the environmental compliance of local operations
- Analyse and contribute to an Environment Impact Study and ATP upgrade environmental benefits
- Report to the regional or national environmental Cell (for instance as the person in charge of the environmental performmance in the quality of service entity of the operation department of an ANSP)

Detailed objectives:

After completing this module, the applicant will be able to:
- Identify and apply environmental ICAO Framework (ICAO Balanced Approach, Neutral Carbon Growth objectives, Market Based Measures and Performance Assessment)
- Check the compliance of ATM changes with environmental restrictions
(noise sensitive areas, air quality targets …)
- Pilot and approve environmental impact assessment studies according to ICAO guidelines


  • Cours Magistraux : 29.5h

In brief

ECTS credits : cf Teaching Unit

Number of hours 32



  • Toulouse