SC6000E - Project Management

SC6000E - Project Management


General objective:

The general objective of this teaching is to provide basic knowledge on project management and to help students in initialising, planning, executing, controlling a project using recognized tools and methods.

Detailed objectives:

At the end of this course,
- The student can explain the five project management phases : "initialisation, planification, execution, control and ending" along with the associated challenges.
- He acquires basic knowledge of project charter, project plan, milestones and deliverable.
- He can illustrate the identification, the analysis and the mitigation of risks with appropriate examples.
- He applies learned knowledge in a short project (airport mockup buiding or ATM concept drawing).
Students work in groups.

Form of assessment

Total assessment hours: 0.5

In brief

ECTS credits 0

Number of hours 10



  • Toulouse