SA6009E - SSL-Safety at State Level

SA6009E - SSL-Safety at State Level


General objective:

After completing this module, the student will be able to:
- Manage the implementation of a State Safety Programme (starting phase) or
- Steer or actively contribute to a State Safety Programme in order to ensure that it effectively assesses and mitigates safety risks (cruising phase).

Detailed objectives:

After completing this module, the student will be able to:
- Understand the specific characteristics of State safety management activities compared to those of service providers
- Understand how Safety initiatives are developed
- Identify the functions needed for the implementation of the SSP
- Develop an implementation plan of a SSP
- Build and manage a SSP, including all steps of a PDCA cycle applicable for safety improvements
- Build-up a training program for personal at State Level
- Understand the interfaces between SMS and SSP
- Develop and enhance mechanisms that ensure an efficient two-ways communication between SMS and SSP


  • Cours Magistraux : 31h
  • Travaux Dirigés : 25h

Form of assessment

Total assessment hours: 2

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ECTS credits : cf Teaching Unit

Number of hours 58

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