CS4001 - Processes of avionics systems engineering

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CS4001 - Processes of avionics systems engineering


General objective:

Describe processes implemented by manufacturers (aircraft, equipment manufacturers) for architectural design “fault tolerant”, integration, verification/validation and logistics support, know how to apply them to specific cases, understand their “costs” aspects.

Detailed objectives:

Describe processes of architectural design “fault tolerant”:
-Cooperate with stakeholders of development process: “client”, “product” team
-Set up a multidisciplinary team capable to manage regulatory, operational, technical (electronics, informatics, mechanics, electricity, ergonomics) and costs aspects
-Capture regulatory, operational and technical requirements (hardware and software) taking into account reliability constraints related to critical functions. In real-time requirements take into account specificities of asynchronous functions, for example those related to pilot’s actions.
-Define functional specifications and choose system architecture: LRU, IMA…, functional requirements allocated to subsystems, enters/exits, connections and data exchange.
-Define processes of verification and validation
-Describe processes of simulation, integration and test:
oFrom test plan
oTake into account the purpose: study, test
oDevelop and integrate functions to simulate
oRealize tests in the real or simulated representative environment
oEstablish a test report
oDescribe processes of logistics support
oDescribe the ad hoc documentation
oUnderstand costs aspects
oCase studies


  • Lecture : 28h
  • Supervised Practical Work : 8h

In brief

ECTS credits : cf Teaching Unit

Number of hours 36



  • Toulouse