DD5001E - Eco design

DD5001E - Eco design


General objective:

Know regulatory aspects, methods and instruments used in ATM for evaluations and risks mitigation or for safety studies of ATM. Aspects related to procedures, technical systems and human factor will be taken into account.
Acquire the knowledge of the basic principles and the various approaches of safety management in organization

Detailed objectives:

Acquire the knowledge of regulations, methods and tools for Safety Risk Assessment and Mitigation (also refered to as “Safety Assessments”) prior to any changes in the ATM functional system (human , procedures, equipment) : providing assurance that an Air Navigation System is “safe” for operational use

Acquire ATM/CNS software regulatory constraints, and Software Safety Assurance Level Allocation.

Acquire ATM/CNS software regulatory constraints, and Human Safety Assurance Level Allocation

Position in the programme

Basic Probability and Statistics
ATC : knowledge of ATC environment, working methods, systems
Safety Management Systems basics
Dependability Assessment : Course CS 502 (S9)
Fundamentals of Systems Engineering: Complex systems life cycle, Functional and Requirements Analysis, Basics on Design and Systems Architectures, Systems Verifications

In brief

ECTS credits : cf Teaching Unit



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