LV4001E - Professional English semester 7

LV4001E - Professional English semester 7


General objective:

Provide the student with :
- the linguistic and intercultural skills that will enable him/her to communicate with international partners at home and abroad.
- the soft skills to work efficiently as a team and join a company.

Detailed objectives:

1..Develop intercultural competence
1.1. Develop a basic understanding of key concepts in the field of intercultural communication
1.2 Gain understanding and appreciation of cultural differences that influence communication between cultures, be they in a local setting or between various national cultures
1.3 Be capable to analyze one’s own culture and at least one other

2. Develop communication skills:
2.1. Be able to lead and participate in international meetings effectively
2.2 Be able to present oneself in a formal international environment
2.3 Develop the skills needed to give feedback to one’s teammates
2.4 Develop skills in influencing people
2.5 Improve presentation skills when speaking in public
2.6 Be able to express oneself by phone, write emails, take notes

3. Understand how to better build a team
3.1. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a team
3.2 Gain understanding in how to manage conflicts on your team or with other teams

4. Develop and present a project proposal.
4.1. Gain experience in developing a project proposal
4.2 Develop a proposal while using the skills acquired in the ‘Culture,’ ‘Communication’ and ‘Team Building’ sessions.

5. Improve the soft skills necessary for joining a company and working as a team.
5.1 Write a cover letter and a CV, pass a job interview
5.2 Be capable of presenting and selling oneself in an “elevator pitch.”
5.3 Simulate professional situations (meetings…)

6. Improve one’s English as a communication tool.

Position in the programme

12h of weekly courses with the intensive week mid-semester

Form of assessment

Total assessment hours: 2

In brief

ECTS credits : cf Teaching Unit

Number of hours 38



  • Toulouse