SP5009E - Spread spectrum transmissions

SP5009E - Spread spectrum transmissions


General objective:

The objective of this course is to present and analyse the principles of spread spectrum techniques for communication (DS-SS).

Detailed objectives:

Course structure :
- Presentation of temporal and frequency properties of spread codes and influence of code materialisation
- Presentation of structure ofsignal DS-SS transmitted
- Presentation of theoperation of corellation performed by a receiver DS-SS
- Presentation of techniques of reception of DS-SS signal, in particular techniqus of acquisition and a pursuit.

At the end of the cours a student :
- will know the principle of spread spectrum transmissions
- will be able to design a chain of reception DS-SS
- will understand techniques of typical processinf of signals using spread spectrum (acquisition, pursuit).

In brief

ECTS credits 0



  • Toulouse