TX3990 - End of 3rd year internship

TX3990 - End of 3rd year internship


General objective:

At the end of this internship, the student will be able to describe a company business operation and constraints

Detailed objectives:

At the end of this internship, the student will be able to :

1. Characterize the company
1.1. Range the company in a wider context (Group dependency)
1.2. Define the company business domain
1.3. Position the company on a given market
1.4. Identify the competitors
1.5. Identify the company financial turnover

2. Know a company internal organization
2.1. Identify the company structure and internal organization
2.2. Identify the leadership hierarchy
2.3. Identify the company internal functions : production , operations, sales, human resources, trade unions, ...
2.4. Identify the links between these functions
2.5 Identify human, social, economical aspects of safety and health at work.

3. Know how a company operates
3.1. Identify the clients, the contractors
3.2. Identify critical contractors
3.3. Identify the most important clients
3.4. Identify and understand the constraints applicable to the company: regulations, safety and security, financial constraints….
3.5. Understand why a company shall be profitable to survive

4. Adapt to the company procedures and rules
1.1. Use the host organisation’s tools, methods and standards
4.1. Respect the working hours, constraints, company codes

In brief

ECTS credits : cf Teaching Unit



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