Airline Pilot


Airline Pilot

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In brief

  • Type of diploma: License level degree (LMD)
  • Domain: Science and Technology



For more than 50 years, the Directorate-General for Civil Aviation (DGAC) has been involved in training aircraft pilots.

By organising a national training sector in cooperation with ENAC, every year the DGAC gives young people the opportunity to receive vocational training of the highest standard, which fully meets the requirements of this profession. Aircraft pilot training graduates are qualified to hold a licence.

This diploma confers a degree of Licence, recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education.


The career of an aircraft pilot

After your training, you will be fully qualified to work within airlines. When you are recruited by a company, you will undertake a standard qualification course tailored to the aircraft used in that company and to its operating conditions. When you pass this, you will become a first officer for several years before being promoted to pilot-in-command.

Link to the "Fiche RNCP" (Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles).


Training content

Through the ENAC national sector you will acquire aeronautical knowledge and professional expertise specific to the aircraft pilot profession.
Trainee aircraft pilots attend an integrated commercial air transport pilot course for around 24 months. Theoretical training encompasses Aviation Law, General knowledge about aircraft, Flight planning and performances, Human performances and their limits, Meteorology, Navigation, Operational procedures, Flight mechanics and Communication for example.
Regarding practical training, students prepare for the commercial pilot licence (CPL(A)), together with the multi-engine instrument rating (IR) flight training and the multi-crew cooperation training certificate (MCC).
Students who pass the EPL/U and EPL/P competitive exams only need to attend the practical part of the course, of varying length depending on their qualifications.



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Jean-Pierre CONRAD

Chef de programme pédagogique/Academic program manager

Phone : +33 6 73 09 45 92

Email : jean-pierre.conrad @

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Year 3 higher education – Junior – Licence

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