AT5610E - The Way towards Trajectory Based Operation

AT5610E - The Way towards Trajectory Based Operation


General objective:

AIM course: list the three phases of the transition
list the different steps
appreciate the new needs for data quality
SWIM conclusion course: appreciate the key role of SWIM for TBO concept
Student will be able to understand the TBO notion :3D+Time constraint.
Student will understand the application of CPDLC and ADS-C in 4D Trajectory

ATFCM/ASM course :
- Students will have a good awareness of regulation in force and different stakeholders.
- Students will get more familiar with tools and methods used in ATFCM/ASM, at national and European levels.

- Free Route course:
Students will appreciate the benefits of Free Route Airspace in regards with airspace efficiency;
enhanced flexibility, financial and operational benefits to airspace users; environmental benefits; and the
optimization of the use of existing and foreseen airborne systems

Detailed objectives:

AIM course: describe the three phases of the transition
list the different steps
list the seven items for data quality
explain the importance of digitalization
define the digital NOTAM concept
SWIM conclusion course: appreciate the relation between profiles-services and information
list SWIM users/contributors
appreciate SWIM state of the art (block 1 and 2) through trials examples
describe SWIM impact using examples of SWIM enabled applications and futur CONOPS (towards TBO)
-Describe TBO process
-Understand ADS-C + CPDLC
-List TBO steps

- Describe principles of ATFCM/ASM.
e.g. Working principles of ATFM, FUA,ASD
- Describe ATFM&ASM procedures
- Have a good traffic flows awareness with regard to the ASM
-Get a good knowledge of European regulations regarding Air Traffic Flow and Airspace Management and different stakeholders

Free Route :
- State the concept of Free Route Airspace (FRA)
- State the advantages of FRA to aircraft operators and for air traffic managers;
- State the expected benefits of FRA
- State the operational characteristics of FRA


  • Lecture : 2h

In brief

ECTS credits : cf Teaching Unit

Number of hours 2



  • Toulouse