IH4601E - Interactive Software Engineering

IH4601E - Interactive Software Engineering


General objective:

Participatory Design:

Rich Graphical Interface Programming:
Develop rich graphical interactive applications with JavaFX (the principles based on event-driven programming can be reused with most other technologies).

Detailed objectives:

Participatory Design:

Rich Graphical Interface Programming:
- Describe the general structure of a JavaFX application and its components life cycle,
- Create a WIMP application (Window, Icon, Menu, Pointing device),
- Describe and use different event-driven programming mechanisms such as EventHandlers, ChangeListeners, Bindings,
- Draw geometric shapes by using high level JavaFX classes allowing interactions,
- Use scene graph and apply geometric transforms to its nodes,
- Implement direct manipulation interactions such as pan, drag and mouse centered zoom.

Position in the programme

This course must take place after the Object Oriented Design and Programming course (IP4608)


  • Lecture : 12h
  • Labs work : 6h

In brief

ECTS credits : cf Teaching Unit

Number of hours 18



  • Toulouse