IW5601E - Open connected system 2

IW5601E - Open connected system 2


General objective:

The goal of this course is to understand, apply and analyze service oriented architectures, advanced programming techniques on the client and the server to build open connected systems that can include physical sensors and actuators.

Detailed objectives:

== Advanced web programming:

== SOA and Web Services:

During 6x2h sessions, we will practice designing and coding “microservices”. Microservices are constantly running remote software that answer specific requests from other software. A set of microservices provide features with ‘as-much-as-possible’ decoupled pieces of software. The advantages of a set of microservices over a single monolithic software are that microservices are more reliable and more maintainable.

At the end of the 6 sessions, the student (you) should be able to
-develop a very simple, graphical, javascript and web-based application
-access a web service through its HTTPS API, programmatically and with Postman
-get data and use them in a meaningful manner
-implement your own features that add value for a potential customer on top of existing services
-implement them in a service-oriented way

== Internet of things:

In brief

ECTS credits 0



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