CA226 - Aerodrome Practical Training

CA226 - Aerodrome Practical Training


General objective:

By the end of the ADI-ADV simultor training period, the trainee will be able to provide Air traffic Control service, Information Service and Alerting Service to IFR and VFR traffic on a controlled aerodrome with IFR procedures within controlled airspace.
The trainee will practice as the ground controller and as the tower controller.

Detailed objectives:

1 - ATM:
The trainee is able to manage simultaneous IFR and VFR arrivals and departures, special VFR, and moving vehicles in its associated space integrating aircraft performance.
2 - Knowledge and use of equipment
The student recognizes all the elements of its working position.
3 - Instructions
The student conform its actions to the guidelines defined in the MANEX (operating manual).
4 - Phraseology and Oral communication
The trainee formulate precise, clear and concise messages at the appropriate time.
5 - Strips
The trainee is able to operate a strip.
6 - Stripboard:
The trainee is able to manage when he receives or sends messages and simultaneously conducts the corresponding actions on the strips and the stripboard.
7. The trainee can deal with few abnormal situations


  • Lecture : 3h
  • Supervised Practical Work : 4h
  • Labs work : 31h

Form of assessment

Total assessment hours: 1

In brief

ECTS credits : cf Teaching Unit

Number of hours 67



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