LV121E - Aeronautical English

LV121E - Aeronautical English


General objective:

Provide the student with :
- the skills necessary to maintain the level of English required for his/her career

Detailed objectives:

1. Develop clear, correct oral expression in the following areas of the English language:
-vocabulary used in common, concrete, work related situations
-pronunciation and stress
-fluency and interaction
2. Evaluate strengths and weaknesses
3. Develop learning strategies appropriate to the difficulties encountered in order to meet the objectives
4. Set up a self-study plan

During semester 1 the student will learn to use his OACI English skills in order to develop his/her ability to :
1.1 describe significant elements in the history of aviation
1.1 describe the aerodrome environment
1.3 describe the different parts of an aircraft inside and outside and explain their
1.4. explain basic aerodynamics
1.5. explain the work of an ATCO and the different Air Traffic Control Services
1.6. present the most important airline companies.
1.7 describe the airline manufacturers
1.8 explain the potential health hazards in relation to aviation and flying
describe the safety and security systems in place

During semester 1 the student will:
2.1 .become aware of strengths and weaknesses
2.2. target points to work on
2.3 adopt appropriate measures to improve weak points

3.:During semester 1 the student will :
-become familiar with the requirements and format of the speaking test

Position in the programme

Throughout the semester


  • Supervised Practical Work : 36h

In brief

ECTS credits : cf Teaching Unit

Number of hours 36



  • Toulouse