LV125E - Aeronautical english

LV125E - Aeronautical english


General objective:

Provide the student with :
- the linguistic skills that will enable him/her to provide air traffic services safely
- the skills necessary to maintain the level of English required for his/her career

Detailed objectives:

1. Develop the linguistic competences to understand routine and non-routine pilot messages spoken by native and non-native speakers at various speeds in the following ATC phases:
Take off
Approach and landing

2. Develop clear, correct oral expression in the following areas of the English language:
-vocabulary used in common, concrete, work related situations
-pronunciation and stress
-fluency and interaction

During semester 3 the student will develop his/her ability to :
1. Devise appropriate learning strategies for comprehension of routine and non-routine pilot messages
2. Formulate correctly commonly used words from phraseology
3. Formulate correctly common words and expressions linked with aviation incidents
4. Give examples of aviation incidents their causes and effects

The student will:
Practise comprehension exercises on routine and non-routine situations dealing with the following themes:
Aircraft breakdowns, fuel shortage, passenger problems, sickness, unruly behaviour, safety, security, geographic location, bird strikes

Position in the programme

Throughout the semester


  • Supervised Practical Work : 34h

Form of assessment

Total assessment hours: 2

In brief

ECTS credits : cf Teaching Unit

Number of hours 36



  • Toulouse