LV126E - Aeronautical english

LV126E - Aeronautical english


General objective:

Provide the student with :
- the skills necessary to maintain the level of English required for his/her career

Detailed objectives:

- Obtain a broader linguistic culture on which to base language learning acquisition.
- Obtain the necessary language skills in order to become and remain an efficient and autonomous learner.
Assimilate language and strategies needed to orally transmit and receive visual information.

Priority themes:
Asking for and exchanging essential information correctly.
Giving directions.
Geographical features.
Describing layout of land, towns, roads, airports , public transport systems.
Describing maps.

During semester 4 the student will :
1. develop fluency and be encouraged to work on faster speech via time limited tasks.
2. In-depth work on interaction, better managing the listener-speaker relationship.
3. develop correct, clear expression when describing town and country
layouts, geographical features.
4. correction of pronunciation and use of stress to convey meaning.
5. develop correct usage of structures; modals , prepositions of movement
and position.

Position in the programme

Throughout the semester


  • Lecture : 2h
  • Supervised Practical Work : 26h

Form of assessment

Total assessment hours: 2

In brief

ECTS credits : cf Teaching Unit

Number of hours 30



  • Toulouse