AE402E - Fluid mechanics, aerodynamics

AE402E - Fluid mechanics, aerodynamics


Objectif général :

Upon completion of this course, the student shall be able to:
- explain the principles of flight
- list the main flight envelope limitations due to aerodynamics
- apply the basics of fluid mechanics for perfect viscous fluids

Objectifs détaillés :

Upon completion of this course, the student shall be able to:
- list the units used in aerodynamics
- list the magnitude of main aerodynamics data
- identify the main aircraft components and their function
- identify airfoil and wing relevant elements
- explain the physical phenomena involved and their influence on aerodynamic forces
- identify the associated flight envelope limitations
- explain influence of compressibility
- list the main test methods used in wind tunnels
- state the main laws and equations used in fluid mechanics
- explain the differences between an inviscid and a viscous fluid
- explain the differences between an incompressible and a compressible fluid
- apply these notions to basic cases

Volume horaire (h)

  • Cours Magistraux : 32h
  • Travaux Dirigés : 4h
  • Travaux Pratiques : 4h


Nombre total d'heures d’évaluation : 2

En bref

Crédits ECTS 4

Nombre d'heures 42



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