IW5601E - Open connected system 2

IW5601E - Open connected system 2


Objectif général :

The goal of this course is to understand, apply and analyze service-oriented architectures, advanced programming techniques on the client and the server to build open connected systems that can include physical sensors and actuators.

Objectifs détaillés :

== Advanced web programming:

== SOA and Web Services:

During 6x2h sessions, we will practice designing and coding “microservices”. Microservices are constantly running remote software that answer specific requests from other software. A set of microservices provide features with ‘as-much-as-possible’ decoupled pieces of software. The advantages of a set of microservices over a single monolithic software are that microservices are more reliable and more maintainable.

At the end of the 6 sessions, the student (you) should be able to
-develop a very simple, graphical, javascript and web-based application
-access a web service through its HTTPS API, programmatically and with Postman
-get data and use them in a meaningful manner
-implement your own features that add value for a potential customer on top of existing services
-implement them in a service-oriented way

== Internet of things:

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