CS4604 - Technical process 1

CS4604 - Technical process 1


Objectif général :

At the end of the module, students will be able to define system goals and to define the related verification and validation strategy.

Objectifs détaillés :

• To have in-depth knowledge on system engineering User Needs elicitation process:
– To know detail of stakeholder need definition and requirement analysis processes: objectives, problematic
– To know some methods and languages to support these processes
– To be able to set-up related documentation ( URD and SRD)
– To be able to apply these method and use these languages on a simple case
• To have in-depth knowledge on system engineering Verification & validation processes:
– To know detail of verification and validation processes
– To know what methods are available to perform V&V processes
– To be able to set up a V&V plan
• To be able to put in practice, through a study-case: user need elicitation, verification & validation, project planning, project costing.

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System engineering introduction (CS4600)

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