AT6000E - ATM Overview

AT6000E - ATM Overview


Objectif général :

At the end of this module, the appliquant will be able to:
- explain the basics of the aviation law,
- name the air navigation services,
- identify the air traffic service units and their operational organization

Objectifs détaillés :

After completing this module, the student will be able to:
- understand the rules of the air
- explain the different flight rules,
- list the various air navigation services and the air traffic service units that provide these services,
- explain the airspace division, the different classes of airspace and the associated services,
- recognise the principle tools and technical means dedicated to service provision,
- understand the air traffic control domain

Volume horaire (h)

  • Cours Magistraux : 51h
  • Travaux Dirigés : 2h
  • Travaux Pratiques : 3h


Nombre total d'heures d’évaluation : 3

En bref

Crédits ECTS : Cf UE

Nombre d'heures 59



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