AT6006E - Trajectory Based Operations

AT6006E - Trajectory Based Operations


Objectif général :

At the end of this module, the applicant will be able to :

- Explain how technical systems and operational activities enable the implementation of major improvements targeted by the SESAR (Europe) and NEXTGEN (USA) programmes.

Through SESAR and NEXTGEN as supporting programmes, the student will be able to characterise how the ATM community organised in order to cope with a future ATM concept.

Objectifs détaillés :

After completing this module, the applicant will be able to:

- explain The SESAR and NEXGEN organization and engineering systems

- explain how through the major programs, the concept of business trajectory can be developed and its compatibility with miliary operations throughout the major programmes

- characterize concepts that are developped to achieve the SESAR requirements in En route and Airport environments (flight profile modelling, complexity management, information sharing)

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  • Cours magistraux : 48


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