CN6001E - CNS Overview

CN6001E - CNS Overview


Objectif général :

The general objective of this module is to introduce the students the Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) systems that are currently implemented to ensure safe operations of aircraft in the civil airspace.
After completing this module, the student/applicant will be able to:
- To describe a global strategy for CNS within the Air Traffic Management context.
- To describe and explain each of CNS components: the Communications services between the different civil aviation stakeholders, the Ground, Air and Space Navigation systems used for aircraft navigation and control and, the architecture of the Surveillance chain.

Objectifs détaillés :

After completing this module, the student/applicant will be able to:
- To identify the needs in communications of the different stakeholders that use the C/A data exchange networks.
- To describe the existing voice communications services and the migration towards digital data communications services through the typical G/G and A/G COM architectures.
- To discuss the need for secure communications networks.
- To discuss a communication strategy that takes into account the different stakeholders' needs and the current and future regional/worldwide programmes.
- To describe and explain the ground, air and space navigation systems (technology, principle and performance) that are currently used to allow commercial aircraft navigation
- To describe the ICAO global strategy in navigation of commercial aircraft
- To describe Civil Aviation current and future needs regarding navigation (RNAV, PBN)
- To describe and explain the surveillance chain architecture for ground and air.
- To describe and explain the different sensors involved in the surveillance chain.
- To discuss a surveillance strategy that takes account the operational requirements and the current and future regional/worldwide programmes.

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