SH6002E - Team Management

SH6002E - Team Management


Objectif général :

After completing this module, the student will be able to :
- The team manager's role and management approaches in an international Aviation environment.
- Get to know one's own definition of manager's role, leaders and followers and open up to others,
- Understand and perceive the business culture of others (EU, USA, Asia, Latin America, Africa…),
- Communicate with and manage in an adapted way people of different origins, cultures & backgrounds, generations…,
- Take into account the expectations from the future team members having a different culture and adapt the required profile to the aspirations of the candidates,
- Anticipate and/or manage the communication issues caused by educational, professional, corporate and cross-cultural differences..

Objectifs détaillés :

After completing this module, the student will be able to :
- increase awareness about Culture and their impact on human behaviour and performance
- get to know one another and become more comfortable working together/ in multicultural organization
- discuss the impact of the culture on decision making and problem solving
- understand the difference between leadership, management and self- leadership
- identify challenges and barriers in international communication for developing effective communication skill
- recognize the need to build trusting relationship for successful negotiation
- demonstrate both cultural similarities and differences within groups, become aware of one’s own cultural behaviors and biases
- learn about business cultures in China, Japan, Korea, Middle East & countries of participants
- stimulate awareness, knowledge and skills by learning about theories, concrete case studies, and research
- experience and identify their potential for working effectively in multi-cultural environment and in team

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