SH6003E - Human Resources Management

SH6003E - Human Resources Management


Objectif général :

This module is designed to introduce a non-specialist to the concepts of Human Resource Management (HRM) & Organizational Behavior (OB) and to develop some practical skills in managing the greatest asset of any organization: its people.

The course will provide essential principles of human resources management (HRM), Organizational Behavior (OB) and Communication with a particular focus on airlines. Furthermore the course will address people management issues for the whole value chain of Air Transport like airports and aircraft manufacturers, including industrial and social relations. In addition to introducing the key elements of managing HR, OB, communication & leadership, the module will address the contemporary debates in HRM, OB & leadership that are especially relevant to the aviation sector, such as staffing, employee retention, compensation, flexibility, modern work design, talent development, global leadership and international issues.

By the end of the program, participants will understand current debates over HRM/OB strategies and will have developed their skills for analyzing and diagnosing HR problems, improving design of HR systems and issues on local as well as global scales including the communication and leadership dimensions.
After completing this module, the participants will be able to work in teams and manage people through knowledge acquisition of the HRM basics as well as the study of tools and specific HRM, OB and Communication practices in the field of Air Transport worldwide.

Objectifs détaillés :

After completing this module, the student will be able to:

1. Understand the modern Human Resources Management function and its links with Organizational Behaviour and Communication considerations.

2. Develop an understanding of contemporary issues and developments in people management, notably for talent and leadership development.

3. Explore the changing role of the HRM function and its impact on line managers in the Air Transportation context (airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturer, air transport service providers…).

4. Participants shall have obtained improved capacity to analyze and diagnose HR and OB problems and to intervene appropriately.

5. Develop the skills to handle practical issues of managing people on local as well as international and global scale in the Air Transport context.

6. Contribute to the elaboration of a people management strategy with policies and objectives by implementing a people-centred organization adapted to the size and situation of an airline/airport/manufacturer… The management of the various stakeholders (inside and outside the airline) should be a key factor.

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