SH6006E - Integrated team project

SH6006E - Integrated team project


Objectif général :

Upon completion of this course, the student shall be able to manage a certification project (= building a certification plan), within a team, by taking into account the technical and regulatory aspects.

Objectifs détaillés :

Upon completion of this course, the student shall be able to:

[Certification Plan ITP]
- Interpret and apply the applicable technical regulations for a given problem (case study)
- Implement certification procedures related to the compliance demonstration for the case study, in order to build a Certification Plan
- Develop one's Certification engineering skills: how to argue and to present one's approach (simulation of a Certification meeting with the Authorities)
- Develop a spirit of synthesis and a capacity to convince

[Safety and Regulatory Intelligence ITP]
- Master the regulatory environment in order to access relevant documents
- Develop a culture of technical and regulatory monitoring
- Explain how feedback is taken into account to improve the air transport safety, in particular by generating regulatory changes
- Develop a culture of aviation safety
- Develop an intellectual curiosity and an attitude of self-learning.


Nombre total d'heures d’évaluation : 6

En bref

Crédits ECTS 5

Nombre d'heures 72


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