AE613E - Aircraft architecture and load calculation

AE613E - Aircraft architecture and load calculation


Objectif général :

To be able to use the methods and means of calculating load distribution in the various parts of an aircraft (wings, fuselage, landing gear, etc.) as a function of its multiple operating phases, in order to determine the sizing of the structures

Objectifs détaillés :

Architecture and calculation of structures
- Wings and control surfaces
- Fuselage
- Assemblies
- Design philosophy

Calculation of loads
- In-flight loads
- Flight envelope
- Symmetrical manoeuvres
- Dissymetrical manoeuvres
- Gusts
- Ground loads
- Landing
- Ground manoeuvers

Fatigue of aeronautical structures
- Damage tolerance

Visit to the structures activity of Direction Générale de l’Armement techniques Aéronautiques (DGATA)

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