TX5900 - End of studies project

TX5900 - End of studies project


Objectif général :

At the end of the ESP internship, the student will be able to apply in a professional context, on a “long” project, in an autonomous manner: knowledge, know-how and personal soft-skills, acquired during the ENAC programme, including previous professional experience for the “Mastères Spécialisés”.

Objectifs détaillés :

At the end of the ESP internship, the student will be able to :

1. Adapt to a professional environment
1.1. Be part of a professional team (autonomy and coordination)
1.2. Adapt to the host organisation’s procedures and rules (eg : working hours)
1.3. Use the host organisation’s tools, methods and standards
1.4. Communicate the outcome of one’s personal work within the host organization

2. Provide an appropriate response to the problem
2.1. Perform a state of the art survey and analyse the existing situation
2.2. Clarify the needs and objectives
2.3. Design solutions to effectively solve the problem
2.4. Compare solutions
2.5. Justify the choices made
2.6. Explain the approach chosen to design the solutions
2.7. Produce a professional deliverable that third parties can use

3. Take a critical look at the work performed
3.1. Master the subject
3.2. Evaluate the limits of the solution
3.3. Estimate additional adjustments to be made
3.4. Identify potential developments that could be implemented to go beyond

4. Summarize the work in a written document (end of study project Memoir)
4.1. Structure the body of the report
4.2. Describe and explain the problem
4.3. Describe and explain the solution
4.4. Describe and explain the work done, from problem to solution
4.5. Submit a well-written document

5. Present the work orally (Oral Defence)
5.1. Present the subject and the work done, clearly and synthetically
5.2. Use a different vantage point from that of the written document
5.3. Provide a conclusion to the work done
5.4. Demonstrate good presentation skills
5.5. Keep to time

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