Advanced Master Aviation Safety Aircraft Airworthiness

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Advanced Master Aviation Safety Aircraft Airworthiness

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In brief

  • Type of diploma: Advanced Master®
  • Domain: Science and Technology




Airworthiness plays a pivotal role in aviation safety and development, guaranteeing that design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of 
aircraft, engines and systems are suitable for safe flight. It is supported by an overall process for which a solid regulatory and technical knowledge is necessary.

The Advanced Master ASAA provides the required high-level skills and competencies in the fields of airworthiness regulations, aircraft and 
systems design certification, continued airworthiness and operation. 

It has been designed to meet industry and authorities demand for airworthiness or certification engineers’ specific profiles


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And after

Job opportunities

Career opportunities

The program fully matches job market expectations for certification or airworthiness engineer positions. It offers a wide range of job 
opportunities within civil or military aircraf - engines - systemsmanufacturers, suppliers, airlines and aviation safety authorities



  • Toulouse


Course Director
Jean-François PETIT

Phone : +33 5 62 17 45 35

Email : jean-francois.petit @


Phone : +33 5 62 17 43 73

Email : recrutement.masters @

More info

ECTS credits 75 credits

Duration 1 year

Advanced Master

Kind of education
Diploma – Degree

Education language English

September 30, 2024

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