AE6015E - General Systems & Cabin

AE6015E - General Systems & Cabin


General objective:

A sound knowledge of the most important aircraft systems is necessary for any airworthiness activities. This module presents such systems for modern large aircraft.
The objective of the module is to study the various types of system (e.g. hydraulic systems) which exist on an aircraft, in consideration of the concepts of safety, by providing multiple networks.

Detailed objectives:

Air systems
- Air production
- Air conditioning (thermal budgets, temperature control, forthcoming changes, weight and balance)
- Cabin pressurization
- Ventilation of electronic systems
- General distribution (cockpit, cabin, luggage and cargo compartments and bays; problems concerning comfort, humidity, filtration, ozone, etc.)
- Anti-icing - Presentation of control / indication and parameters in the cockpit
Hydraulic systems
- Performance objectives, safety and maintenance (with their consequences on the choice of general architecture)
- Resulting general architecture
- Design of a system
- Integration tests on a global test bed
- Presentation of control / indication and parameters in the cockpit
Accessories, fluids used
- Forthcoming changes
Landing gear systems
- Airworthiness requirements : Ground loads, design and construction
- Retraction / extension systems
- Shock absorber
- Nose-wheel steering
- Braking system
- Cockpit equipments
- Overview of maintenance
- Pilot presentation
Electrical systems
- Performance and safety objectives (with effects on the choice of general architecture - redundancy and segregation)
- Resulting architecture
- Presentation in the cockpit - Equipment and accessories
Fuel systems
- System functions
- Tanks (design and problems)
- The different systems
- Gauging systems
- Pilot presentation
- Fuel specifications
- Installation of equipment and accessories

Form of assessment

Total assessment hours: 1

In brief

ECTS credits 4

Number of hours 47



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