AV6006E - Environmental Certification

AV6006E - Environmental Certification


General objective:

This module presents the tests to be carried out in order to obtain the certification of On-Board Systems with respect to the electrical, electromagnetic, Shock, vibration and climatic environments, particularly as described in DO 160 G, which is the reference document.
This course is oriented towards the new conditions dealing with electromagnetic aggressions.
After the course, the student will be able to explain the main standards related to the qualification on-board systems, as prescribed by the DO160 G.

Detailed objectives:

Context, DO160 :
- Reminder of the general context of avionics evolution
- Electromagnetic phenomena
- Civil - military duality : DO 160

Equipment / accessory and systems tests
- Current standards and test methods for equipment and system certification
- Acceptable methodology and method of demonstration
- Chicago convention

Electromagnetic aggressions
- Direct effect lightning: zoning, etc
- Indirect effect lightning
- High intensity radiated field
- Electrostatic discharges

Electromagnetic compatibility
- Fundamental principle
- Emission
- Susceptibility

Electrical Test
- AC and DC power supply
- Harmonic
- Ripple rejection

Mechanical test
- Shock
- Vibration
- Typical spectrum

Climatic test
- Temperature and temp variation
- Humidity
- Salt fog

Specific test
Main electromagnetic protection systems
- Shielding
- Filtering
- Non-linear devices
- Common and serial rejection ratio
- Software aspect

Form of assessment

Total assessment hours: 1

In brief

ECTS credits 2

Number of hours 19



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