SH6006E - Integrated team project

SH6006E - Integrated team project


General objective:

The module provides a comprehensive view of avionics systems airworthiness issues as a part of the qualification and certification process of aircraft.
This module presents the evolution of avionic systems architectures over the past thirty years, their main characteristics together with the airworthiness requirements, and focuses on the automatic flight control systems.
After completing this course, the student will be able to
+ Describe the architecture and operations, and explain the airworthiness requirements of the following avionic systems:
- Electrical flight control system
- Flight management system
- Auto-flight system
- CNS systems
- Inertial reference system
+ Describe FMGS A320 operations and ACAS operations
+ Explain particular AFCS topics

Detailed objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the student shall be able to:

[Certification Plan ITP]
- Interpret and apply the applicable technical regulations for a given problem (case study)
- Implement certification procedures related to the compliance demonstration for the case study, in order to build a Certification Plan
- Develop one's Certification engineering skills: how to argue and to present one's approach (simulation of a Certification meeting with the Authorities)
- Develop a spirit of synthesis and a capacity to convince

[Safety and Regulatory Intelligence ITP]
- Master the regulatory environment in order to access relevant documents
- Develop a culture of technical and regulatory monitoring
- Explain how feedback is taken into account to improve the air transport safety, in particular by generating regulatory changes
- Develop a culture of aviation safety
- Develop an intellectual curiosity and an attitude of self-learning.


  • Supervised Practical Work : 42h
  • Labs work : 24h

Form of assessment

Total assessment hours: 6

In brief

ECTS credits : cf Teaching Unit

Number of hours 72


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