Advanced Master in Safety Management in Aviation

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Advanced Master in Safety Management in Aviation

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In brief

  • Type of diploma: Advanced Master®
  • Domain: Science and Technology




Air Transport is a complex and rapidly changing macro-system. Safety is supported by a set of regulatory requirements, already implemented for many years, but in constant evolution. 

The most recent accidents involve many actors and organizations and it has been shown that their causes are multifactorial. Beyond regulations and technical developments, it is necessary to engage all actors at all levels of organizations so that they can contribute positively to Safety. 

In addition, the health crisis linked to COVID-19 and climate change 
are creating new risks to which air transport will have to respond in the 
coming years. 
The Advanced Master "Safety Management in Aviation" is designed to let Safety managers and experts able to lead, assess, improve and promote Safety Performance in various organizations in the Air Transport System. 

The Safety Management remains a major challenge and requires adapted skills, including soft skills communication, leadership and assertiveness


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And after

Job opportunities


The ENAC Advanced Master in "Safety Management in Aviation" is designed for current or future Safety Managers in charge of the development, deployment, or improvement of Safety in organizations of the Air Transport System.

In Civil Aviation Authorities:Safety Officer or Manager, Safety Performance Manager, Safety Audit Responsible, SSP (State Safety Programme) Manager. In industry and operators : Safety Director or Manager, SMS (Safety Management System) Manager or 
Responsible, Safety Risks Manager, Safety Analysis Manager



  • Toulouse


Course Director
Jean-Michel BIEL

Email : jean-michel.biel @


Phone : +33 5 62 17 43 73

Email : recrutement.masters @

More info

ECTS credits 75 credits

Duration 1 year

Advanced Master

Kind of education
RNCP Certification

Education language English

September 30, 2024

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