AE6011E - Flight

AE6011E - Flight


General objective:

To study the basic concepts of aerodynamics and flight mechanics and thus provide the knowledge which is essential to understanding the operating techniques and the aerodynamic behaviour of an aircraft in its different flight envelopes.

Detailed objectives:

The trihedra of aerodynamics and flight mechanics
Aerodynamic coefficients
Standard atmosphere
Reminders in aerodynamics
- Incompressible polar equation
- Influence of compressibility : transonic, supersonic
Basic principles : balance of forces and moments
- Control surfaces, primary and secondary flight controls, hinge moments
- Balanced polar equation
Performance : basic concepts
- Level flight : thrust required for flight
- Climb / Descent : propulsion ceiling
- Turns and manoeuvres : lift ceiling
Handling qualities
- Flight balance: static stability and handling
- Concept of aerodynamic center and maneuvering point
- Longitudinal and lateral modes (phugoid, incidence oscillation, Dutch roll, spiral mode) (basic concepts)
Operational aspects : limits and flight envelope
- Take-off
- Landing
- Cruising
- Aspects discussed :
- Limitations (weight, balance),
- Engine failure
- Operational envelope

Form of assessment

Total assessment hours: 1

In brief

ECTS credits 4

Number of hours 46



  • Toulouse