Mastère Spécialisé® Airport Management

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Mastère Spécialisé® Airport Management

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Résumé de la formation

  • Type de diplôme: Mastère Spécialisé®
  • Domaine: Sciences, Technologies, Santé




The Advanced Master “Airport Management” prepares participants to the variety of challenges faced by the airport sector:

  • the particularly important role played by airports within the air transport system,
  • the wide range of activities involved in airport operations,
  • the increasing importance of questions of security and environmental impact,
  • the competition between airports,
  • the economic and social issues in a such critical sector for national and international economies,

All these factors call for highly skilled managers to run and develop every airport. This is the ambition of this programme.


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Insertion professionnelle

Career opportunities

This “Advanced Master” aims at training these specialists, so much 
appreciated and sought after by the airport sector, especially within 
airport operators, airport consultants, airport international organizations, 
and civil aviation authorities.


Lieu(x) de la formation

  • Toulouse


Responsable pédagogique
Vincent VIMARD

Tél : +33 5 62 17 43 78

Email : vincent.vimard @

Responsable du recrutement

Tél : +33 5 62 17 43 73

Email : recrutement.masters @

Plus d'infos

Crédits ECTS 75 crédits

Durée 1 an

Niveau d'étude
Mastère Spécialisé®

Nature de la formation

Langue(s) d'enseignement Anglais

Début de la formation
30 septembre 2024

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