EC6001E - Air Transport Security

EC6001E - Air Transport Security


Objectif général :

After completing this module, the student will be able to :
·Define what aviation security is;
·Understand the main issues in the field of aviation security;
·Quote the main actors stakeholders involved in aviation security and their associated regulations;
·Quote and describe the implementation of the most important aviation security measures in airports and aircraft;

Objectifs détaillés :

After completing this module, the student will be able to :
•Explain the difference between aviation security and aviation safety
•Describe the threats, risks and vulnerabilities relating to air transport
•Identify the reasons why air transport is a target for acts of unlawful interference
•Describe the main security measures implemented by airports, airlines, cargo operators, aircraft manufacturers
•Explain the content of Annex 17, EU regulation and ECAC documents
•Describe the role of private companies in the civil aviation security system
•Explain how to implement a cyber security management system


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