SC6000E - Project Management

SC6000E - Project Management


Objectif général :

This course aims to provide basic knowledge on project management and to help students in initialising, planning, executing, controlling a project using proven tools and methods.

Objectifs détaillés :

At the end of this course, students
- are able to explain the five project management phases : "initialisation, planification, execution, control and ending" with the associated stakes.
- acquire basic knowledge of project charter, project plan, milestones and deliverable.
- can illustrate the identification, the analysis and the mitigation of risks with appropriate examples.
- apply learned knowledge in a short project (airport service).
Students work in groups.

Volume horaire (h)

  • Cours Magistraux : 3.5h
  • Travaux Dirigés : 2.5h
  • Travaux Pratiques : 3.5h


Nombre total d'heures d’évaluation : 0.5

En bref

Crédits ECTS : Cf UE

Nombre d'heures 10


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